"For every Atelier kitchen purchased we dedicate a tree to a Woodland Trust wood. This is our way of thanking our clients and the environment."

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All of our kitchens are bespoke and hand made for your space. This means you are left with no awkward corners to fill and the kitchen appears to have always been there, born within the building. 

Imagine having a kitchen that not only looks exactly how you've always imagined, but it also works how you want it to. From the initial enquiry to fitting it is always myself and Jamie who design, hand paint, make and fit your kitchen. We use time honoured traditional techniques to make our cabinets and specialise in the much loved Shaker style kitchens. The Shaker kitchens appeal to anyone who appreciates fine English cabinetry, simple style with a nod towards the country farm kitchens that we all love. 

The Shaker kitchen is a versatile style and originates from the 'Shakers' who were keen craftspeople. They were known for their high quality of workmanship and made a variety of items of furniture. Shakers made most things out of local timbers such as pine, maple and cherry. Most pieces were originally painted or stained, with popular colours blues, greens, reds, and yellows. In place of imported brass cabinet furniture, Shakers used simple turned-wood knobs. They believed that manufactured goods should be honest in both construction and appearance. The Shaker style suits a wide range of properties from, country cottages to large period homes. The key to the timelessness of Shaker kitchens is their simple, unpretentious design, with no elaborate mouldings or fussy decoration. 

We invite our clients to our beautiful barn where we show you hand selected samples and colour schemes for your new space. We talk layouts and appliances to make your space more practical as well as finding out if there is anything special or sentimental to you that you want to include in your new kitchen - maybe you have tableware that was handed down to you that you want to display on a open shelf or hand crafted dresser or perhaps an old desk that your grandad use to use and you want to incorporate the drawers into your kitchen.

We want our clients to feel part of the making process by inviting them to see where their kitchen is being created. Everything is made at our secluded West Country workshop near Sherborne, which sits within the peaceful Somerset and Dorset border. Drawing inspiration from the natural surroundings like the beautiful house timbers used to construct the century’s old farm buildings, and the ever changing light and seasons, the different hues and moods of the wood are enhanced by nature giving every piece of furniture a subtle nod towards its roots.

We put time and care in to designing, making, hand painting and fitting all our kitchens. We care about good quality design and we want every Atelier cabinet makers kitchen and furniture to meet your needs as well as upholding our own principles of quality, practicality and style. This is why we created our six phase design process.

Our design process

Phase 1 Enquiry Form
Shortly after your enquiry we will send you through an enquiry form to fill out. This is a great time to show us pictures of what inspires you; we encourage our clients to create mood boards on Pinterest which we find really helpful with visualising exactly what colours and themes you like. You can download our kitchen enquiry form here

Phase 2 Guide Estimate
Once we receive your enquiry form, we will then send you through a plan view design and guide estimate via email or post. 

Phase 3 Meeting
If you like the look of the estimate then the next stage is for us to organise a convenient date for us to come and visit you. We can then introduce ourselves properly, measure up and talk about the project in more detail.  

Phase 4 Design
After our meeting we will then put together 2D and 3D scale CAD designs for you to have a look at for reference* We invite you to visit us at our workshop where we will show you hand picked samples perfectly picked for your project, door and cabinet styles as well as colour schemes. 

*There is a small fee of £200 for this service which is then deducted from your final bill if you decide you would like to go ahead with us. 

Phase 5 Review and amend 
Once you have had a chance to look at the scale designs and make any changes, we will review the detailed designs and talk through any additional ideas. This is where we can discuss if you would like to remove a shelf or two or pick a different colour and finish. We will then amend our estimate accordingly and give a fixed quote for your new kitchen. 

Phase 6 Project starts
Once we've arranged a start project date and time with you, we will send you through a confirmation email. We always make sure that we are in contact with our clients so they always know what stage we are at in the design and build process, supporting them every step of the way.